I did the backpacker thing for a couple of days in Bangkok. Staying at the Bodega hostel on Sukhumvit, which was a great sociable place after a few days on the road. I went down to the infamous Khao San road with a couple of the lads from the hostel and after making half my way through a bucket of tequila sunrise I got straight out of there. I’m usually up for a party but this was more of a school disco with 18 year olds sucking face. I lasted about half an hour and head back to the hostel bar for a few.

The plan was to do a bit of work in Bangkok and I went to check out the Hubba co working space which was a great working environment and quite cosy. You could really get some work done here and did so for a few days.

I checked out the Chinatown markets and went to the Sofitel So hotel which had a great view of the Bangkok skyline and Lumphini park.

After a few days walking around the mega malls although it all started to become a little familiar. And if it wasn’t for the Asian population it could have just as well been a city anywhere. I wasn’t feeling it though personally. I could feel myself being sucked back into the city life of spending all my money on things I don’t really need. So I decided to get back on the road and head for one of the Islands.

I think if you have a bit of money you can fully enjoy Bangkok for what it is, although personally I felt like I was frittering away cash every 5 minutes on one thing or another, I would definitely check out the views of the skyline at Sofitel So though and I believe there’s an even better view at the Sirocco bar although you’ll no doubt pay around £10 for a drink.

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