Ipoh seemed like a wannabe Georgetown at first with the similar style street art. It was a little more uber trendy here though and had fully made use of the old town area, transforming crumbling buildings into interesting cafes and shops. It was a good place to wander around even with the mass of domestic tourists. Not much to do here though except grab yourself a good coffee and watch the world go by.

What made it for me was the hostel I stayed at which was probably the most relaxing place I had stayed at so far. All day air conditioning (what a luxury) and the latest movies back to back all day every day. An even bigger bonus was the buffet style restaurant downstairs which had a massive selection of tasty Malay and Chinese dishes and free Chinese ice tea, a new favourite. Plus it was dirt cheap. I ate here for lunch and dinner every day happily piling my plate with a bit of everything.

There are a couple of great temples worth visiting around Ipoh including the Perak cave temple, an impressive temple built into the side of a cliff with a huge golden buddha inside and the Kek Lok Tong temple, another cave temple which you can walk through to some gardens on the other side.

I spent a couple of days in Ipoh just chilling and then headed in the direction of Kuala Lumpur. I had already booked a few nights in a party hostel.

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