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By 7th August 2016Malaysia

I spent the last 20km cycling into Kuala Lumpur trying not to get mowed down by one of the speeding vehicles crossing the slip lanes. I was the lucky one as during the day I saw a puppy trying to cross the road as a car ploughed through taking out the hind legs of the dog right in front of me. The puppy then dragged itself off to the side of the road with its front legs. It felt wrong leaving the dog yelping for its life and around 10km up the road I found a vet who agreed to go back with me and collect the dog in a car. The vet mentioned as its a stray, they would either find an owner or have it put down. Maybe this dog is actually the lucky one, I have never seen so much roadkill as I have in Malaysia. It seems if you’re in the road and you’re not a car or a truck, that’s your fault, so your fair game for a David Carradine, Death Race type scenario.

So there was a total lack of cycle lanes or roads to accommodate cyclists in the city but I eventually made it to the Reggae Mansion hostel, pretty knackered after a long day but in full party mode. Luckily the hostel had the most impressive rooftop bar with a great view of the Petronas towers. It seems to be the standard activity for cities in Asia: Drinking and drinking in rooftop bars. Kuala Lumpur certainly has the best selection I have seen though. One including the Helibar which is a helipad by day and Rooftop bar by night. You get a 360° view here with no barrier stopping you from going over the edge. It would be great for Base Jumping if you were that way inclined.

Kuala Lumpur is the most built up city I have seen in Asia, literally, it looks like a competition for who can build the biggest tower and going up towers is pretty much all there is to do, that and shopping in one of the many mega malls around the city. I made sure I took a few shots of the twin towers from a few angles which is a worthy main attraction and I felt like I was done.

I hadn’t planned to but a few people I met while at the hostel were heading to the Perentian Islands on the east coast of Malaysia to do some diving. I decided to join and before I knew it I was heading to the bus station to get the night bus straight there leaving my bike in storage at the Mansion.

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  • Torie says:

    Big help, big help. And survalptiee news of course.

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