Perentian Islands

By 20th August 2016Malaysia

After a long bus ride, we were dropped at the harbour of Kuala Besut for a two-hour wait until the speedboat to the Perentian. We stopped just off shore in the stunning transparent turquoise water and walked to the beach. The backpacker accommodation was all based on the smaller island along with the all the diving companies. I hadn’t planned on diving although this seemed to be the thing to do here so I booked a couple of nights accommodation to think about it.

After a couple of days chilling on the beach recovering from consecutive heavy nights in Kuala Lumpur I decided to take the PADI Open water course and really glad I did. In fact, it was probably the best £200 I have spent. I stayed with Panorama Divers who were a brilliant bunch of people and made sure the diving was a safe and fun experience.

The PADI course took around 4 days and in between diving there was lots of fun to be had, whether partying, chilling, sunbathing or whatever else. Island life basically. I made some good friends while I was here. and the island life was certainly alluring and easy to sit back and take it all in for a few weeks. Straight after the course though my time was up at Perentian and I needed to get back on road towards Singapore. I was now hooked on diving though and it was all I wanted to do. One thing at a time though, there would be more opportunities up the road, namely Bali – my last stop.

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