On the way to Singapore was the historic fishing town of Malacca. The town had an interesting history and a mix of Dutch, Portuguese and English architecture. It doesn’t quite have the charm of Penang and is on a much smaller scale, like its little sister. You really need to delve deeper here to seek out the good spots. it has a good mixture of different religious buildings all right next to each other here. With a Catholic church, a Mosque and a Buddhist temple all within the same area. The overtly decorated rickshaws are a well-known sight in malacca, and walking around some of the canals you could almost imagine you were transported back to Amsterdam, except without the coffee shops.

It happened to be Independence day in Malacca whilst I was here and this involved a quite impressive parade with the various Civil – military groups, floats and various types of vehicles were adorned with the Malaysian flag. The more flags you could get on your vehicle the more cheers you received from the crowd. The parade started early and lasted well up to around lunchtime which left a bit of time to explore some of the street art around town.

Malacca was a worthwhile stop on any tour though Malaysia although 2 nights was definitely enough. I packed up the panniers and headed in the direction of Singapore.

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